v9 Changes

If you are using BibleBot in another language, you will need to use your language’s translation of these commands.

This only mentions the breaking changes between v8 and v9, assume everything not mentioned works like normal.

BibleBot will no longer work in DMs. We are looking to resolve this in the future.


Server settings will no longer act as a default for users who don’t have a preference set, due to the way our code handles default preferences.

All group commands (except +dailyverse) will print the subcommands alongside any other preferences by default.

  • +version is the group for all version-related commands. As such:
    • +setversion is now +version set
    • +setguildversion is now +version setserver
    • +versions is now +version list
    • +versioninfo is now +version info
  • +truerandom is a new feature to obtain a truly random verse, as opposed to +random which will produce more meaningful verses.

  • +verseoftheday (+votd) is now +dailyverse. It contains subcommands to setup automation:
    • +setvotdtime is now +dailyverse setup
    • +clearvotdtime is now +dailyverse clear
    • +votdtime is now +dailyverse status
  • +formatting contains all the commands related to verse formatting, by default it will print all related preferences and subcommands.
    • +setheadings is now +formatting setheadings
    • +setversenumbers is now +formatting setversenumbers
    • +setmode is now +formatting setdisplay
  • +language is the group for all language-related commands. As such:
    • +setlanguage is now +language set
    • +setguildlanguage is now +language setserver
    • +languages is now +language list


  • +version and +guildversion are now +version
  • +language and +guildlanguage are now +language
  • +servers and +users have been merged into a +stats command


  • +supporters has been disabled temporarily
  • +setannouncements and +announcements have been disabled temporarily
  • +catechisms and related commands have been disabled temporarily
  • BibleHub versions are still disabled temporarily.
  • The ELXX and LXX versions are disabled until a better source can be found.